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RapidAuctionSoft, Training Videos.

Here You will find Training Videos and Materials for launching a successful auction, shopping or marketplace website and mobile app.

We employ intuitive, easy to use wizards for adding products, galleries, bundles, auctions and more.

But to make them even easier to understand we include the following videos.


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Using the Auction Wizard

Easily create multiple auctions at once using our Auction Software Wizard.

Using the Auction Wizard

Easily create multiple auctions at once using our Auction Software Wizard.

Using the Auction Wizard

Easily create multiple auctions at once using our Auction Software Wizard.

Using the Auction Wizard

Easily create multiple auctions at once using our Auction Software Wizard.

Using the Auction Wizard

Easily create multiple auctions at once using our Auction Software Wizard.

Using the Auction Wizard

Easily create multiple auctions at once using our Auction Software Wizard.



Penny Auction Sales Team

Already Bought Auction Bidding Software from someone else?

  • Is it based upon old technology?
  • Does it have bugs?
  • Did your software salesman leave you unsupported?
  • Does it crash?
  • Do emails end up in spam?
  • Is your SEO not working?
  • Is it not mobile friendly?

We can integrate your design and content into our much superior system

We look forward to discussing your Penny Auction Website ideas with you.Every client has their own ideas and we enjoy writing custom Auction Code, nothing is too complex for us.We get excited about all of our clients ideas, in fact it is the best part of our job...we love to share in your excitement

+1 (978) 838-1714

Auction Clones include

  • Quibids Clone Script
  • Orange Bids Clone Script
  • Dealdash Clone Script
  • Upbids Clone Script
  • Madbidz Clone Script
  • Exhibia Clone Script
  • Bidknight Clone Script
  • Coinhawk Clone Script
  • Tophatter Clone Script
  • Tumbledeal Clone Script

Penny Auction Website Designs

Our designs come in several different layouts, these include standard designs as well as horizontal, alternating horizontal and grid layouts. Additionally All of them can be installed either as a 2 column or one column design.

You can also choose No sliders, single slider, two or three column sliders

Icon colors are customizeable and the text is dynamic, or can be set for the auction itself

Start with a clone and we can customise it from there.

We also provide themes that can be applied to each template, many of themes are holiday-centric.

Well Known Clones

Etsy Auction CLone Script image widget

Over 500 Unique Penny Auction and Shopping Cart Designs available out of the box

No coding knowledge needed, our proprietary page builder and css editor allow you to completely and easily design a truly custom e-commerce website from the ground up. In fact this website was built using just those tools

Our Software is API based so it also works for Wordpress

Don't trust Wordpress software for running your auctions, they will be unreliable and slow with major user limitations. Our Wordpress Auction Plugin can be used with any third party CMS or even a simple HTML page. It is also not dependant on third party Javascript frameworks like jQuery. We have found over a 2 second increase in page speed after removing jQuery and jQuery-ui and freplacing it with vanilla Javascript.

Service Levels and Pricing

Free Ecommerce
Standard Ecommerce
Standard MarketPlace
Premium MarketPlace
Deluxe MarketPlace
Products <= 25 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sales Tax Integration US and Canada US and Canada US and Canada
CMS and Accounting API Support
Quickbooks, Salesforce, Hubspot, Twillio)
Free website Support To You Vidoes, Knowledge Base, Tutorials, Ticket Desk Vidoes, Knowledge Base, Tutorials, Ticket Desk, 5 Hour Training Seminar Vidoes, Knowledge Base, Tutorials, Ticket Desk, 10 Hour Training Seminar Unlimited Support Unlimited Support
Custom Coding, Design Work Bugs Only 5 Hours of Free Design Changes 8 Hours of Free Design Changes 10 Hours of Custom Code or Design Changes 15 Hours of Custom Code or Design Changes
Vendors No No <=10 Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Selected Shipping Shopping Only
Point Of Sale Integration
List MUltiple Auctions at Once
Relist Auctions
Product Bundles
Product Variations
Multiple Auction Types
Unlimited Users
Extra Admin Users
User Message Center
Live Support
Complete Design Features
Vehicles Support
Real Estate Support
Free $35 per month or $500 installed $75 per month or $750 installed $125 per month or $1500 installed $150 per month or $2500 installed

Latest News

Recent Updgrades

We have recently complete upgrading to PHp8 and CodIgniter 4. The latets versions of our underlying tech stack. This means you expect years of performance with the need for upgrades anytime soon. We also integrated a new translation method and now support over 30 languages

Read MoreWe have recently complete upgrading to PHp8 and CodIgniter 4. The latets versions of our underlying tech stack. This mea

Proprietary Page Builder

Easily add custom content using our proprietary drag and drop page builder to any page.

Read MoreEasily add custom content using our proprietary drag and drop page builder to any page.

Proprietary CSS Editor / Designer

Easily edit your website design, choose from 3 easy to use methods

Read MoreEasily edit your website design, choose from 3 easy to use methods

Free Shopping Cart Software

Free Software Choices

Read MoreFree Software Choices

100% Free Language Support

Our competitors software does not support translations for your content, just their program. Your products, CMS content and all else...

Read MoreOur competitors software does not support translations for your content, just their program. Your products, CMS content

Frequently Asked Questions Questions

Why we use auction filters instead of auction types?

Our auction filters, particularly when it comes to penny auctions, seated auctions and similar bid based auctions allows you as the admin or your vendors to create truly unique auction experiences. Such as seated auctions with locks, private auctions that are seond chance and much more. Rather than paying us or another developer to create new auction types our software allows for an infinite number of unique auction variations. What's more or auction wizard allows you to easily visibly review what your auctions will look like. Visibly verify your auctions before they are added while adding multiple auctions quickly, easily and even customiseably.

Why other auction software fails?

Many older systems trak bids in seconds. In the modern internet seconds are an eternity. Many people might bid in the same second. Under those conditions it is impossible to determine who the actual winner is. Unless like our software does you track in bids in milli-seconds. This also allows us to update the page more accurately ind more aggressively. You can actually see multiple bidders in the same second, yet accuracy to who was the final bidder. Another issue that might give you troubles is security, like being able to restrict bidders from the same IP address...a common trick that hacking / biding farms might use to exploit your system. Because of our websocket infrastruture we can easily limit IP addresses based upon bad actors or in areas known to be hackng farms. Also we are the only company that can offer true Level 3 PCI compliance. Our software uses a vigorace, aggesive Content Security Policy that eliminates worries of Cross Site Scripting attacks and our backend has been thooughly tested for SQL injection issues. We offer the most modern and secure e-commerce, aucton software and marketplace software solution on the market. One that has also been written so to make updating it for future security and performance issues simple and fast.

The most customiseable auction software system on the market

Since our system is 100% API can easily nitegrate it with any website...even HTML based ones, WIX or ohers...but in addition we also have a full featured Page Builder similar to Wix, Squarespace and even Worpress solutons. Our Sales website itself was built using this API as well as our Propietary Page Builder and our Custom CSS plugin. These wizards are easy to use but also allow for advanced users to recognise features that mimic tools like chrome web-dev tools or firebug...most of our features have been written to be easy to use for beginners, but also intuitive enough for advanced users to figure out quickly to make them more effective.

The only e-commerce, auction software solution that is Vanilla Javascript only

We recognised in the last few years that Bootstrap JS nd Jquery solutions double the time it takes to load a page. In fact as these solutions becode more commonly used and advanced they are increasing page load speeds. Page load speeds have become a moajor deiding factor not only when it comes to google indexing, but also how many people will use your website. We eliminated this extra Javascript and prefer to ue modern CSS animations or other vanilla JS effects. Thus our pages usually load in under 1.2 seconds compared to between 3-7 seconds when bootstrap, jquery and jquery-ui are added. Modern HTML5 and CSS3 methods mean that extra libraries are no longer even needed, it also means these extra libraries not only slow your website...but also have measurable effects on degrading your SEO results. We have done the research on these effects. If you want to get to number 1 on Google...then page speed as is just as important as backlinks. In fact tis is testable with our sales site...we are on page 1 despite not buyin backlinks...we got there through optimisation. Despite our competitors have thousands more backlinks than we do. The system you buy from us will also have the same benefits.

Full multi language support

We use a propietary language service that will convert all of your site cntent, even user submitted content to the user's native language. Rather than depending upon expensive third party services. Our langage model service is simple to change and has it's pwn easy to use wizard. Full language support allows you to reach a broader audience an improves your SEO rankings as well. It is silent but an also be used with our content wizards.

Why did we rewrite our Auction Software, Shopping Cart Software as Vanilla Javascript Only?

After Google's most recent update we recognised very quickly that Page load speeds, Cumulative Layout shift and general performance factors were the new metrics that Google was and is still rewarding. jQuery and Boostrap.js n combination make websites and apps much slower, tey simply do. During our rewrites we were able to cut page load speeds from 3.5 seconds to 1.25 seconds...blazing fast load speeds basially. In addition whle doing this we recognised other areas where we could create other SEO opportunities trhough performance. The truth is right here on this website. Our competitors have been around for decades and have spent thousands of dollars for backlinks and link wheels to improve their search appearance. Our SEO performance is beccome of superior performance. These benefits simply exist within our software...with multiple ways to customise your own SEO performances for each page...whether they are automatic or not...our software simply is just much better for SEO performance. Our competitors use HTML or Wordpress sales sites for their software...we use our own software as a CMS solution as even though our sales website uses our API to show auction results is still using our core software as a CMS solution that in many ways rivals even Wordpress

Your options for building a penny auction website or auction app are numerous.

1) you can hire a team of developers and spend weeks even months developing just the basic features of a penny auction app.

2) You can purchase a penny auction bidding app from one of our competitors and hope that it is secure and can handle the high demands of a busy website. and then hire your own developers to add the features and integrations that we offer.

3) Spend a fraction of the time and money and get the features and technology you need right out of the box by purchasing our software


Websockets are a way of sending data between the server and users in real time. The connection stays open the whole time a user is connected so unlike AJAX scripts there is no need to reconnect. This reduces issues with latency and server overhead.

Why is NodeJS better than AJAX

NodeJS is a super fast super efficient way of connecting to a database and serving data. Mush faster than PHP and more secure.

What is CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a modern PHP / Model View Controller framework. We use it to serve files to the browser but only after we strip out comments, new lines and extra whitespace and then compress the file so that the page size is smaller and the page loads quickly. Our pages usually load in under 2 seconds. We also implement caching of your sitesettings. This means no database lookups that might slow the page from rendering.

Additionally we recently updated our code to PHP8 and the most recent version of CodeIgniter so your software should run for years without needing major updates.


Chargebacks are the number one issue with running a Penny Auction or any Ecommerce Shopping Cart or Market Place website. In this regard we have you covered with highly configurable Two Factor authentication and confirmation.

Two Factor Authentication

Can be implemented nearly anywhere that security or confirmation needs to occur. The challenge code can be random or if configured for your website then a user's PIN number can be used.

Accounting Software Integrations

Our software ties into Quickbooks so you can always get an advanced view of your profits and expenses.

What product types are supported

We support regular merchandise, food, real estate, vehicles, services and more. Our software also makes it very easy to add cusom product types

Can I use your auction software with Wordpress, Drupal or other CMS solutions?

We are proud to say that a single ine of Javascript will allow you to host auctions on any website you wish no matter what fraamework you prefer including just HTML.

Easily add multiple auctions in mere seconds

Using our priority auction software wizard you can now easiy add dozens of aucions in mere seconds, each with their own configurations as well. Easy Auction Wizard

Marketplace Solutions

Our Marketplace addon supports shopping, point of sale and auction integrations, based upon a simple subscription method that you can easily configure. Tie it to our Extra admins and regional admin addons and supercharge your revenue base. Also can be used with our Quickbooks plugin and others.

Shopping Cart Software Solutions

Our Shopping Cart soluton can use the same products as described in your auction software or others. Products are quick and easy to add and can even be imported from excel files. We use an easy to learn Propietary "Wizard" to make addng content very intuitve and easy to master. Supports numerous product types alreay and ties into other addons such as Marketplace, Quickbooks, Point of Sale and others. Also supports advanced features like bundles, galleries, Google taxonomies, variations, addons and more