Site Rules

  1. Only one account is allowed per person.
  2. Collusion, defined as two or more users working together in a RapidAuctionSoft auction, is prohibited and can result in disabled accounts and canceled orders.
  3. Only 12 tangible product wins are allowed per account over a 28 day time period. (Excluding voucher bid wins and limit buster wins). The exception is if someone wins or buys limit busters.
  4. Only 1 win of the same product with a value price of over $285.00 is allowed over a 28 day time period (e.g. you can only win a certain Playstation once every 28 days).
  5. Only 24 wins are allowed per day for tangible and intangible items (voucher bid wins and limit buster wins).
  6. Only 1 win is allowed per 28 days on items with a value price $1,000.00 or greater.
  7. A user may only win one 250 Voucher Bid auction and two 100 Voucher Bid auctions every 24 hours. Additionally, a user may only win one 500 Voucher Bid auction and one 1000 Voucher Bid auction every 7 days.
  8. No bots of any kind are allowed when using the site.
  9. RapidAuctionSoft employees and their family members (defined as parents, spouse, siblings and children) and any person residing in the same household as employees may not under any circumstances participate in RapidAuctionSoft auctions.
  10. A user may only post one review per product. Users must be logged into their account and have made a purchase to comment on the product. Only reviews pertaining to the product and not the auction experience, customer service, shipping and handling, or delivery will be accepted.

RapidAuctionSoft Reviews

RapidAuctionSoft sells thousands of brand-new, brand-name products every day and Reviews are your opportunity to tell the community what you really think of them! These reviews should focus on the product, not RapidAuctionSoft' customer service, the auction, or delivery.

All Reviews will be accepted unless they violate any of the rules mentioned below, most of which pertain to the posting of obscene or objectionable content. Because Product Review undergo an approval process, it may take a while for your review to be published on the site. If you have any questions about Reviews, please contact Customer Support.

The basics:

  1. Users must be logged into their account to post a review, comment, or "Like" another review.
  2. You may only post one review per product.
  3. You may only "Like" one review per product.
  4. Reviews should be directed toward the product itself - not the delivery, the auction, customer service, or the company.

What not to post:

Objectionable material

  • This may include but is not limited to obscene or distasteful content, profanity or spiteful remarks, and the promotion of illegal or immoral conduct.

Promotional content

  • Promotional materials or posts that are repeated several times to make a point.
  • Comments made by or on behalf of a person or company with a monetary interest in the product or a competitor product (i.e. manufacturers, distributors).

Inappropriate content

  • Personal information (i.e. phone numbers, mailing addresses)
  • Links to external websites or email addresses
  • Videos